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Howdy, Partner! Welcome to Cowtown … uh, Calgary. Sit back and enjoy the sunshine while we tend to your cross-dock needs – everything from loading and unloading freight to rearranging or consolidating loads. We only ask that you dust off your cowboy boots first to help us maintain our title of the Cleanest City in the World.


Hauling freight through Montreal? Our cross-dock facility can provide for your every need—pool distribution, consolidation, short-term holding, you name it. Explore our underground city, attend one of our many festivals or catch a hockey game while we tend to your transport needs. Just be quick about it. The only thing that runs slow around here is our maple syrup!


Find yourself north of the border? It’s not just maple syrup and hockey up here. Situated in the 401 corridor, you can position freight in the heart of Canadian metropolis with our one-of-a-kind HACCP facility. 


When you’re located in the same area as the largest port in Canada in terms of tonnage moved in and out (third largest in North America), you’re bound to know a thing or two about moving freight. Our Vancouver cross-dock service location is ready to meet all your transport needs, including transloading and drayage.


You come to know a little about emergencies when you’re located in a city that was the first to develop the 9-1-1 emergency call system. That’s what makes our Winnipeg cross-dock location the place to go for all your transport needs, emergency or not. We’ll load, unload, transload, distribute and even store your freight for the short haul.

Cross Dock America’s extensive warehouse network and services will get you and your freight moving no matter what your need – planned or emergency. 

Canada Cross Docking


  • Drayage
  • Freight
  • Inventory
  • Load
  • Pallet


  • Container
  • Freight
  • Load
  • Pallet
  • Trailer


  • 24/7
  • Long-Term
  • Short-Term
  • Temporary
  • Trailer


  • Brokerage
  • Drayage
  • Expedited
  • Final Mile
  • LTL/TL
Canada Freight Transfers
  • 20′ & 40′ Containers
  • Damaged Freight
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL) & Truckload
  • Stripping
Canada Freight Work
  • Banding
  • Damaged Freight
  • Labeling
  • Pallet Builds
  • Recouping

Comprehensive Cross-Dock Services

Finding yourself stuck in Canada and in need of cross docking services? Think Cross Dock America. We offer comprehensive transloading and short-term storage services in and around the Canada area. We’ll help you move your inventory to its final destination quickly, thus increasing your supply chain efficiency.

Canada Freight Transfer Services

Whether you are dealing with perishable or time-sensitive inventory or you are looking to reduce labor and transportation costs, Cross Dock America has the solution for you. You can count on our Canada cross-dock services for all your freight transfer needs, including loading and unloading inventory by the container or truckload and drayage services. Don’t have an entire truckload to transport? No worries. Our LTL services can accommodate any size shipment for a quick, cost-efficient transportation solution.

Canada Freight Rework Services

All necessary freight rework services can be handled at our Canada distribution docking terminals. Cross Dock America will take care of any damaged freight upon unloading and get your inventory ready for delivery by whatever means it takes – pallet building, stretch wrapping, banding, and labeling.

Canada Short-Term Storage

Not quite ready to move your inventory? Relax. Cross Dock America has short-term, temporary storage solutions just for you. With access to ambient, temperature-controlled, and cold storage facilities in the Canada area, you can be assured your inventory will be in top condition when it is time to reload for distribution. Need something more? Ask about Cross Dock America’s long-term storage solutions.

The Cross Dock Advantage

Let’s face it. Your job is to find the most cost-effective way to transport your inventory through Canada to its final distribution destination. You want your goods to reach your customers quickly and intact. That’s where Cross Dock America comes in.

Our Canada cross-docking services are the most efficient way to transport your freight from the distribution dock directly to the end-user, whether that’s a retailer or a consumer. We offer dependable freight transfer solutions for even the most complex supply chains.

Cross Dock America’s direct freight transfer services move your products quickly, allowing you to expedite your order fulfillment. You can rest easy with our Final Mile delivery services knowing your product will arrive at your customer’s door on time and undamaged.

With conveniently located distributions facilities in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, we have your Canada cross-docking services covered, granting you easy access to destinations not only within the state but throughout the U.S. and in Toronto, Canada.

Call us whenever you’re in need of cross-dock services; after all, it’s in our name – Cross Dock America.

Common Q&As on Canada Cross Docking

If your trailer exceeds local weight limits and you don’t have another driver available to offload some of your freight to, a cross-dock service company can help. There are different solutions depending on which restrictions you are violating. If you exceed total weight restrictions, a cross-docking company can unload and hold a portion of your freight so that you are compliant with local road weight limits. If, however, you meet total weight limits but exceed individual axle weight restrictions, this is usually indicative of uneven cargo distribution. A cross-docking service company can shift your load and redistribute your cargo until you comply with local individual axle weight restrictions. Cross Dock America offers Canada cross-docking services at several conveniently located facilities.

An efficient solution is to engage the transportation services of a cross-docking company. Cross Dock America’s Canada cross-docking services include transportation, which gets your product from your truck to your customer’s door intact and on time.

A shift in cargo can impact your individual axle weight or result in damaged products. A stop to redistribute your freight can protect your inventory and result in more efficient transportation. Cross Dock America’s Canada facilities are staffed with experienced materials handlers that can rework your freight to ensure final product integrity. Our locations are conveniently situated in major distributions hubs throughout Canada.

Final Mile (LTL/TL)



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